7 Content Marketers You Should Follow on Twitter (Or You Risk Missing Out)

content-marketer-twitterGetting firsthand information from proven marketers is crucial, if you want to level up your content marketing strategy – and Twitter is one of the best channels to get updates and ideas to do this. This is because via Twitter, several marketers reveal their insights in real-time, they are accessible for quick Q&As, or at the very least, they are inspiring.

Right now, I can recommend 7 people whose tweets are worth following because of 2 reasons:

  1. They generously share information on Twitter, and
  2. They are authentic thought leaders in content marketing.

Take a look at their profiles and see for yourself why these 7 proven marketers are worth following:

#1 – Neil Patel, @neilpatel

With a proven track record of more than 7 years, and for helping event he biggest websites gain tons of traffic, Neil brazenly shares how blogging and creating content for the web can increase “eyeballs” and conversions. He mostly does this through his blog QuickSprout, and his Facebook and Twitter accounts. Because of this he’s been named as one of the top influencers on the web by the Wall Street Journal, among others.


Neil doesn’t seem to be the type to hold back his findings and insights. His mission: to inspire and teach more people in the road of entrepreneurship. You can see this all his Twitter updates and the posts below are just a few from his more than 7500 educational and inspiring tweets.


#2 – Brian Clark, @copyblogger

The founder of Copyblogger, Brian is a firm believer that content marketing is the most effective business strategy. He also shows this commitment on Twitter and was named the No. 1 Most Influential Person for Small Business Owners on Twitter on top of other citations.


He uses Twitter as a communication channel and personally connects with his followers. His tweets are not only packed with ideas for marketing content, but serve as great examples about how you should have a unique voice online. This is evident in many of his Tweets, where he doesn’t hesitate to use snarky humor.


Brian also doesn’t hesitate to answer questions and interact with followers whenever necessary. Just like in this exchange where he revealed his insight on what a CEO’s role should be when it comes to customer support.


#3 – Sonia Simone, @soniasimone

Sonia’s vibrant personality is evident in her hair, her blog posts, and her Twitter feed. The pink-haired CMO of Copyblogger Media is an experienced business marketer and, in 2008, she joined Brian Clark as a Senior Editor for Copyblogger. Since then she has produced and written countless trend-setting posts for the blog.

It’s pretty clear that Sonia loves to make her voice heard and Twitter is one of her avenues for this. She posts thought-provoking opinions about content marketing which can surely move marketers to think twice about their tactics.


She also uses twitter as a research tool to generate ideas. This contributes to why her posts are both compelling and appealing to readers.


#4 – Kristi Hines, @kikolani

Kristi Hines is arguably one of the most engaging marketers on Twitter. She replies to follower questions, no matter how “newbie” your question might be.


Kristi knows her way around Twitter and you can see her hosting and participating in Twitter chats and discussions with fellow bloggers and marketers. Her ideas are fresh and she shares perspectives that she herself has reviewed and tested.


But just because she’s approachable and friendly, it doesn’t mean that she’s shy away from making controversial suggestions – especially if she knows that they work.


Kristi is the go-to blogger when it comes to the latest on search, social media, and especially blog marketing. Because of this she was included in the Forbes Poll for the Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers for 2012.

#5 – Joe Pulizzi, @joepulizzi

In 2011, Joe was recognized for his work by the American Business Media as the Custom Media Innovator of the Year. He’s truly a content marketing evangelist.

He uses his 3 sites to provide basic to advanced level information on content marketing. And he never fails to share these latest findings and resources on his Twitter profile.


Joe also regularly hosts free marketing webinars and uses Twitter as the discussion hub. Just like the recently held “Winning Leads with Webinars”, he shared on Twitter the feedback he got from the attendees in real-time.


#6 – Michael Stelzner, @Mike_Stelzner

As the founder of Social Media Examiner, a Small Business Influencer Awards nominee, Michael creates posts all focused on how businesses can leverage social media, blogs and podcasts.


This dedication to help marketers make social media and online content work for them, echoes on his tweets as well. You can see how freely he provides advice and help on this social media channel.


#7 – Leo Widrich, @LeoWid

Current CMO and Co-Founder of Buffer app, Leo in 2011 helped it grow from zero to over 650,000 users worldwide. He and his colleagues believe in creating content which rings true of their target audience’s needs. They built Buffer app with content sharing in mind and used content to spread the word about it.

Because of his strong devotion to producing content that captures reader’s attention and keeps them hooked, he uses Twitter as a testing ground for ideas.

In a recent tweet, we can see how he showed the Twitter A/B test he and his team did to choose their recent blog posts’ headline.

Twitter   LeoWid  Here s how we ve chosen the ...

The results of the test gave them a clearer idea on what their followers preferred and that was what they gave them. You would only be privy to this process if you followed Leo on Twitter.

Plus, he shares a lot of interesting readings on psychology, creativity, and productivity.


Which marketers do you follow?

Are you following one or all of these 7 content marketers on Twitter? If not, then you should.

Or do you have other people you’d like to recommend? I’d be happy to know them so feel free to share your choices in the comments.

About the Author:

avatar-jovellJovell Alingod is a freelance blogger and virtual assistant helping entrepreneurs build and maintain a lucrative presence online. Get more from Jovell on Twitter and Google +.

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  1. Spook SEO Reply

    Great list! I for one am a big follower of Neil Patel.

    There’s just a huge difference on the kind of information you’ll get from following these content marketers versus scouring the web for info. For one, following them makes your learning more systematic since it isn’t going to skip from one topic to the other.

    When searching the web though, aside from getting middle to low class quality, you almost always end-up jumping around from one topic to another because of how the information is presented.

    1. Jovell Reply

      I agree Spook SEO. Your tip will give readers of this post a better understanding of how to benefit more from following these 7 top content marketers. Thank you!

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